Company anniversary celebration

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On July 31, our company celebrated one year since its foundation. A young, but already fast-growing company held its corporate event in one of the suburban hotels in the Moscow Region.

The program was intense and took two days. The event consisted of an official and an entertainment part. During the official part, a conference of top-managers was held, where the company's strategy and development plans were discussed. The plans include expanding the retail network by connecting franchised retail stores, an ambassador program, and a global presence in the auto parts market. And all this in the very near future.

After a rich business program, an entertainment part took place to unite the company's team. Exciting team building in the Fort Boyard format conquered the hearts of colleagues. Employees solved riddles, searched for keys, received hints to decipher the cherished code word. And in the end, one of the teams won, which solved the main riddle the fastest and disrupted the bank.

After the team building, a photo session took place against the background of the picturesque landscapes of the Moscow region. Branded cars, employees in corporate clothes and an ardent spirit made it possible to take excellent photos for memory. The holiday was held in cheers to work fruitfully all year.