The kangaroo is the symbol of our shock absorbers. These animals have incredibly strong shock-absorber-like legs letting them move as fast as some vehicles, at a speed of up to 65 kilometres per hour.
The swift fallow deer is the symbol of AEGOS suspension. AEGOS provides confidence on the road and protection in extreme situations. The manufacturing technology meets advanced international standards, including European and American environmental standards.
APIS filters are your engine protectors.
The bear was chosen as the symbol of our braking systems. Our brake pads have the same power and strength to brake your vehicle quickly and smoothly.
The Acino cheetah is the symbol of our starters and alternators. It personifies speed and power. Like a starter, its heart starts all other body systems allowing it to pick up incredible speed within a few seconds.

World Brands

Mannkando works with all famous world brands. The company’s portfolio includes over 5 million articles of over 400 different brands.

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